Nearly the same amount of planes are in the air above North America ahead of Thanksgiving this year compared to last year. Here's what that looks like.

Millions of people are taking to the skies this week, even though the CDC recommended against Thanksgiving travel.

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CDC Issues New Advice for International Travelers: Get 2 COVID Tests

The agency has laid out new guidelines to help reduce the risks when traveling internationally.

The 16 Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hotel Deals

Get ready to book your next trip this Friday.

Staggering map shows nearly 7,000 Thanksgiving flights as millions fly

Thanksgiving travel is far exceeding initial estimates, as millions of pandemic-weary Americans take to the skies, roads and rails to reunite with their families despite dire warnings.

These Indigenous women are reshaping Canada’s tourism industry

Long marginalized by the tourism sector, Indigenous women are bringing First Nations, Métis, and Inuit narratives to the mainstream.

International Fliers May Soon Need to Get COVID-19 Vaccinations

Major airlines around the world are discussing the possibility of a “vaccination passport” for international passengers once a coronavirus vaccine becomes widely available.

Accor and Hoxton unite to create a new family of boutique hotels

Europe’s largest hotel brand, Accor, has struck a deal with London-based hospitality owner and developer Ennismore to form a group of hotel and hospitality brands. The new entity will take the name Ennismore and will serve as the “umbrella” group for the following brands: The Hoxton, Gleneagles, Delano, SLS, Mondrian, SO/, Hyde, Mama Shelter, 25Hours, …

The best films to watch if you can't go home for the holidays this year

A huge part of the holidays is, unfortunately, holiday travel. These 10 films will remind you that maybe staying home isn't so bad after all.

State-by-state breakdown of coronavirus travel restrictions

U.S. states and territories are making new rules for travelers. Find which ones across the United States have implemented travel restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Covid-19 cases are rising in Asia, but compared to the West it's a drop in the ocean

Across Asia, countries and cities that had previously kept the corovirus largely under control are seeing a surge in infections. But case numbers remain miniscule compared to the West.

New rule to require certain travelers to pay bonds to enter U.S.

The State Department said the rules are designed to send "a message" to certain countries whose citizens have high rates of remaining in the U.S. after their visas have expired.

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Thanksgiving Travel Warnings Are Being Ignored the Most in These 10 States—They Were All Won By Trump

Louisiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina top states where people said they will be eating thanksgiving dinner with those outside their own homes.

Journey to New Zealand’s South Island (virtually)

Just over a million people live on New Zealand’s South Island, the larger of the two main islands that make up the country. Visit this adventurer’s paradise through 24 stunning photos.

Beautiful cathedrals around the world

From recognizable city icons to cathedrals-turned-museums, these incredible buildings range from the historic to modern, yet all are utterly stunning.

How to Upgrade Your Backpacking Gear

How to Upgrade Your Backpacking Gear

Secondary airline hubs may lose out in coronavirus air travel recovery, says IATA

The picture is stark for airlines and the airports they serve. The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the industry. Global air travel is now forecast to return to only about half of 2019 levels sometime next year, according to the latest forecast from the trade group the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Airlines are expected to …

Latest COVID Travel Restrictions in Every State

Traveling for Thanksgiving — already on the rise during the pandemic despite a record number of coronavirus cases — is what health experts are most afraid of.

You thought a lack of toilet paper was bad. Wait until there's a lack of ICU nurses.

Americans worry about their grocery stores running out of toilet paper. Imagine how much more worried they'll be if their hospitals run out of nurses.

What to expect for Black Friday 2020

Yes, Black Friday is still on, but aficionados of holiday shopping will notice changes big and subtle.

US Coronavirus: US sets record for Covid-19 hospitalizations amid fall surge

There are 88,080 people currently hospitalized with Covid-19, setting a record for hospitalizations amid a continuing fall surge, according to the Covid Tracking Project.

NY Gov. Cuomo cancels Thanksgiving plans with his mother after backlash

Cuomo scrapped his plans to have his mother and two daughters travel to Albany for the holiday after being criticized as a "hypocrite."

50 of the most beautiful underground places in the world

The metal monolith recently documented in the Utah desert has been there since 2016

The monolith appeared in the red-rock area south of Moab sometime between August 2015 and October 2016, according to Google Earth's historical view.

Apple Watch Users Can Now Play Spotify Without an iPhone

Apple Watch can now stream Spotify using Wi-Fi or data.

14 Unique Christmas Gifts on Uncommon Goods

Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right gift for someone you care about. So why not buy them something that’s one-of-a-kind?

NYC's COVID checkpoints are back: Cops out 'in force' at travel spots

Sheriff Joseph Fucito announced the measures Tuesday alongside Bill de Blasio. The George Washington Bridge is pictured main, Checks in August are pictured inset.

Qantas becomes first airline to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations

The airline says that once vaccines are widely available, it will require international travelers to prove they’ve been vaccinated before flying.

Everything’s different this year—so why not holiday stress?

How to help your family deal with 2020’s special seasonal anxiety

50 photos of some of the world's most gorgeous lakes

What I Saw as a 2020 Census Worker

Counting every person in the country is already a massive challenge, but the census was no match for this year’s chaos.

'You should fly': Southwest Airlines CEO said traveling by plane is safe, despite the CDC and infectious disease experts warning against air travel

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said air cabins recirculate and filter air well, but experts say traveling during the pandemic remains risky.

The best holiday TV episodes

At this time of year, our favourite shows pull out all the stops to come up with holiday episodes that stand out from the rest. Whether funny, raunchy, sweet, or plain weird, the most memorable seasonal offerings leave us wishing we could enjoy them again and again. Here’s our list of TV’s 20 best holiday episodes.

Trump’s COVID Task Force Is Petrified That The Public Will Ignore Its Thanksgiving Warning

When the Centers for Disease Control last week announced that Americans should not celebrate Thanksgiving with people outside of their household, officials working on the federal government’s COVID-19 response had already begun planning for the inevitability that family and friends would do just that, according to two senior officials familiar with the situation. The CDC announcement Nov. 19 was viewed internally by health officials as a...

Safer Alternatives to the CDC's High-Risk Holiday Activities

Though Thanksgiving will look a bit different this year, here are some safer alternatives to Thanksgiving traditions to maintain a bit of normalcy this holiday season.

Photos: Holiday travel during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving.

States with the most dinosaur fossils

Stacker looks at the states with the most dinosaur fossils with help from the Paleobiology Database (PBDB). Seven states have no fossils to be found, while only two have more than 1,000.

COVID-19 and travel: As airports are packed across the U.S., experts warn of 'a surge' of new cases after Thanksgiving

Despite warnings from public health officials not to travel for Thanksgiving, plenty of people are doing just that. Reports are piling in from airports across the country that describe large crowds. Video shared on Twitter from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, in Arizona, shows a packed, standing-room-only airport as people wait at their gates to board flights.

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Mother Nature has reclaimed these amazing places

From prehistoric settlements and wonders of the ancient world to classical palaces and entire cities...

How to celebrate Thanksgiving without erasing the ‘exploitation and genocide' of Native American people

What’s often glossed over or erased entirely is the real history behind the holiday, particularly the treatment of Native Americans. “From the beginning, the story of Thanksgiving has been about telling a romantic story about the relationship between white Americans and the indigenous people of this country,” Stephanie Fryberg, a member of Washington’s Tulalip tribes and professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, tells Yahoo Life....

What are 2020’s best new restaurants, hotels and attractions?

What were the best restaurants, hotels and attractions to open in 2020? Let us know what you think by casting your vote. Voting ends on Monday, December 21 at noon ET, and you can vote once per day, per category.

Hotel the Mitsui Kyoto: First In

The city center hotel has its very own natural source of hot spring water.

Photographer Steve McCurry on What It Takes to Nail the Perfect Portrait

The award-winning photographer just released a book of 100 previously unseen images.

See Inside the Four Seasons Madrid, the Spanish Capital’s Most Elegant New Hotel

This is the place to see and be seen on your next trip to Madrid.

Coronavirus updates: CDC may reduce quarantines; Dr. Anthony Fauci warns of 'stunning number of deaths'; Airlines report $157B in losses

It took six weeks for the pandemic to kill 3,000 Americans. In the last week that number has been taking place every two days. Latest COVID news.

From home to tech, the 46 hottest deals from Kohl's early Black Friday sale

Shop deep discounts on all your wish list items, including a weighted blanket, smart speaker, indoor grill and more.

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